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Watershed Coordinator: David Pattyson
Box 1602, Estevan, SK S4A 2L7
Phone: 306-634-7074
Cell: 306-861-9913
Fax: 306-634-7075

Upper Souris Becoming a Member


Being a Member of the Upper Souris Watershed Association

Mission Statement:

The Upper Souris Watershed Association, through collaborative planning and facilitating partnerships, will protect and improve water quality, water quantity and the health of our watershed. To preserve the beauty, diversity, and integrity of the watershed, we will raise awareness and understanding by promoting sustainable environmental, economic and cultural activities.


  • Specific Benefits:


  •  * Members have a position and voting privileges on the local AETS Committee, and can be elected to the board of directors.
  •  * Membership fees are used locally and used for the benefit of the watershed.
  •  * Implement the Source Water Protection Plan's 40 key actions to manage and protect drinking and source water and watershed resources for now and future generations.
  •  * We are a local non-profit organization for your needs, and have access to government funding. Your membership helps to leverage direct funding for our organization including: from the provincial and federal government and other organizations.
  •  * USWA assists producers adopt and receive incentive funding for Best Management Practices (BMP) on their farms through the Agri-Environmental Technical Services.
  •  * Souris River Restoration project to help deal with the dead trees in the river.
  •  * Drought contingency planning.
  •  * Assist and prepare funding applications to improve water quality and quantity on joint projects with members.
  •  * Input into specific programs that you would like to see developed.
  • * Linked to our website.
  • * Receive the Upper Souris Watershed Association's newsletters.
  • * Improvement of water quality.


General Benefits:


  •  * Water is important to everyone and everything. We all have an impact on water and take water for granted.
  •  *  A local voice that is linked to the provincial voice on watershed issues, the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds.
  •  * Demonstrates your commitment to safe guarding water and our environment & will be recognized as a partner in stewardship practices so it raises your profile throughout the watershed.
  •  *  A venue for local people to voice their concerns about their water-related issues.
  •  *  Access to technical support, information and existing program information.
  •  * Awareness and education programs to improve the knowledge of our water resources, and the value of water.
  •  * Play a role in the bigger picture, the entire watershed.





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